Your membership gives you access to both the Hattiesburg and Petal YMCA Branches. Pay your membership fees annually or semi-annually, and receive a 10% reduced rate! There is a non-refundable $50 join fee on most memberships.


Monthly Membership Rate

2 Adults + Children

Household unit of 2 Adults and dependent children up to age 23


Adults + Children

Household unit of 1 Adult and dependent children up to age 23


2 Adults

2 Adults age 18-61


1 Adult

Adult age 18-61



Teen age 13-17


Senior Adult

Senior Adult age 62 or older


2 Senior Adults

One age 62 or older


College Student

Full time student. Must provide schedule each semester/trimester



Members 13 and older are issued membership ID tags upon joining. Your membership tag is your key to The Family YMCA of Southeast Mississippi. We ask that you present your YMCA ID to Member Service each time you enter either facility. If you cannot locate your YMCA ID, you will be required to produce a picture ID (driver’s license or school ID with photo, etc.) to enter the facility. However, this is only a temporary means to enter. If your YMCA ID is not located in a reasonable amount of time, you will be required to purchase another YMCA ID for $5.

Method of Payment Options

Bank Draft – A continuous membership that does not expire. This convenient method consists of a monthly draft from your checking account. Some banks will permit a draft from a savings account.

Annual or Semi-Annual Payment – Dues may be paid annually or semi-annually and renewed each term thereafter. Payment may be made with cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express). This option offers a 10% reduced rate.

Joining Fees

Joining fees are used to purchase new equipment and facility enhancement. The joining fee is a one-time fee provided your membership remains current. Should your membership payment lapse more than one year; a reactivation fee will be charged. Memberships can be upgraded to another category without paying an additional joining fee.


The YMCA reserves the right to change membership fees with 30 days written notice to members. A fee will be charged for all returned checks and bank drafts.

Corporate Memberships

Corporate memberships are available to companies who have established a partnership with The Family YMCA of Southeast MS and have agreed to payroll deduct monthly dues for employees that are YMCA members. There are qualifying guidelines for corporate memberships. For information contact the Membership Director at 601-583-4000 or ask Member Service staff.

Financial Assistance

The Family YMCA of Southeast MS offers financial assistance to individuals and families in an effort to make YMCA programs accessible to every person in our community. Lives are impacted every day through YMCA community outreach thanks to the generosity of our members and donations made to our Campaign for Youth and Families. Financial Assistance approval offers reduced rates for membership, child care and other YMCA programs.

Please see Member Service to pick up a financial assistance application. Return the completed forms with the required documents to Member Service and allow up to two weeks for processing.

Membership Cancellation

Written notice to cancel your membership must be received by the 26th of the month prior to the month you wish to end your membership. Notice to cancel for either Y can be mailed to 3719 Veterans Memorial Dr., Hattiesburg, MS 39401 or a Termination Form can be completed at either YMCA location. Joining fees are non-refundable.

Suspended/Terminated/ Revoked Membership

The YMCA has the right to suspend or cancel a membership service if a member’s behavior or language is judged to be in conflict with the welfare of other members or staff, or in conflict with the YMCA’s purpose and values.  Memberships with 2 returned bank drafts will be automatically cancelled.  Semi-annual and Annual memberships that are not renewed will automatically cancel.

Any membership privilege that is revoked or suspended from one facility will result in suspension from all YMCA facilities.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates may be purchased for YMCA membership and programs at Member Service.

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