Our Code of Conduct

Facility Use Expectations & Code of Conduct
The mission of the The Family YMCA of Southeast Mississippi is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.
By upholding our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Caring, the Y is committed to strengthening our community through programs that promote youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.
Using our core values as a guide, we have developed the following Code of Conduct to ensure that all who enter our facility enjoy a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment. We ask individuals to act in a manner that upholds these principles at all times when they are in our facility or participating in YMCA programs, without respect to location. All persons using the Y are expected to behave in a way that shows respect and caring for others.

Disturbances in the Facility 

• Anyone who refuses to comply with any of the expectations listed below may be asked to leave the premises by a Director or Coordinator or other supervisory staff.
• Staff will call police to escort anyone from the facility or grounds who refuses to leave when asked or whose behavior or actions might jeopardize the safety of others.
• Egregious or frequent problems may result in a no-trespass order being issued by the Hattiesburg or Petal Police Department.
• The duration of the no-trespass order is at the discretion of YMCA Directors, and will depend on the severity of the incident(s).

Appropriate Behavior and Expectations
The actions listed below, which are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of behaviors, are considered inappropriate and disrespectful to others, and are prohibited in our facilities or programs:
1. Wearing inappropriate attire. Attire must be appropriate for the activity, adequately cover the body, and be free of any vulgar or profane writing or pictures.
    Swimsuits are only to be worn in the pool area; shoes, shorts and shirt are to be worn in other areas of the facility.
2. Using angry or vulgar language, including swearing, name-calling or shouting.
3. Harassment or intimidation with words, gestures, body language or any other behavior deemed inappropriate, threatening, frightening or offensive in nature.
4. Stealing, negligent use of equipment or destruction of property.
5. Making physical contact with a person in an angry or threatening manner that can hurt another person, or engaging in sexual activity or inappropriate contact with another person.
6. The sale, possession, distribution, use or being under the influence of any illegal substance or alcohol in YMCA facilities or on surrounding properties.
7. Tobacco use including smoking or vaping, or inhaling of intoxicative inhalants. All YMCA facilities and surrounding properties offer a tobacco-free environment.
8. Carrying any concealed weapons, devices, or objects which may be used as a weapon is banned in YMCA facilities or on surrounding properties.
9. Cell phone use or cameras of any kind in the locker rooms or restrooms.
10. Laying on furniture or floors or putting feet up on tables; sleeping anywhere in the facility.

Facility Use Expectations
1. All members must scan in at the Member Service desk each time they enter the facility. If member does not have their scan card then they must present their identification to enter
    the facility.
2. Children under age 13 are not allowed in the Y without a parent/guardian in the facility.
3. Children age 13-15 may use the facility without being actively supervised,but can not use the fitness equipment or go upstairs with completing our Teen Safety Program.
4. Children are aloud to walk the walking track upstairs only when accompanied by their parents/guardian.
5. Children under age 12 may not be left unattended in the water or on pool deck.
6. Lock up gym bags, coats & personal items in lockers. Personal items cannot be stored in other areas of the facility. Staff cannot be asked to be responsible for personal items.
7. Bicycles must be parked in bike racks outside the facility. Skate boards, scooters and roller blades may be carried inside the building but must be locked in lockers.
8. Audio equipment volume is to be kept at levels that do not disturb others. Use ear buds if available.
9. Cell phone ringers are to be kept low; conversations on cell phones should be kept at levels that do not disturb others.
10. The use of cell phone cameras or cameras of any kind is prohibited in the locker rooms or restrooms.
11. All program areas close 15 minutes prior to the building close.
12. The Y reserves the right to take photographs of members and guests participating in YMCA activities to be used in promotional literature.
13. Members and guests are to identify themselves to staff when asked.
14. The Y reserves the right to deny access or membership to any person who has been accused or convicted of any crime involving sexual abuse, is or has been a registered sex offender.
15. Members and guests are encouraged to be responsible for their personal conduct and safety and to ask any person whose behavior threatens their personal comfort to refrain from doing so. If additional assistance is needed, YMCA staff is always available.

Suspension or termination of YMCA membership or privileges may result from any violation of the Code of Conduct. Reimbursement for membership and program fees will not be
provided in the case of suspension or termination. 
Accidents and Valuables 
THE Y IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACCIDENTS. All individuals participate at their own risk. Please 
immediately report any accident or emergency to the Member Service Desk. Our staff is trained to assist in emergency situations. 
THE Y IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PERSONAL PROPERTY THAT HAS BEEN LOST, DAMAGED, OR STOLEN. Please lock your belongings in a locker. Locks are available 
at the Member Service Desk for daily locker use . A lost & found area is located at the Member Service Desk. 

Locker Room Use 
Men’s and Women’s locker rooms are provided for use by adults age 18 or older only. For the respect and comfort 
of all members, children under age 18 are not permitted in the adult locker rooms at any time. Adults with children should use the appropriate child-friendly locker room.
The Girl’s Locker Room is provided for use by girls’ ages 8 to 17 & girls up to age 8 escorted by a female parent or guardian. Adults age 18 and older, not escorting girls up to age 8,
should use the appropriate adult locker room.
The Boy’s Locker Room is provided for use by boys’ ages 8 to 17 & boys up to age 8 escorted by a male parent or guardian. Adults age 18 and older, not escorting boys up to age 8,
should use the appropriate adult locker room.
Lockers can be rented for a monthly charge of $5. Unauthorized locks will be cut and the contents removed.
Cell phone camera use or cameras of any kind are prohibited in locker rooms or restrooms.

Service Animal Policy 
Any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability,
is allowed in our facility. Service dogs are allowed to accompany the handler to any place in the building or facility where members of the public, program participants, customers, or clients
are allowed. Emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy dogs are not service animals under Title II and Title III of the ADA, and therefore are NOT allowed in our facility.
Pets and all other species of animals or dogs that are not service animals are NOT allowed in our facility. 
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